Online Education


Educational ERP

The Brief

Complete operations workflow automation starting from lead management,
enrollment, student care, dispatch,
and inventory and franchisee management for a distance education company.

    Understanding Educational ERP
  • This is a scalable ERP portal which will be linked to other modules such as E-learning platform which is
    'Learning Management System'.
  • multi product Indian conglomerate, with a multi-product portfolio.

  • This is a role based system where hierarchy of the organization will be captured
    in a flexible manner along with the anonymous visitors.
  • Numerous summary, analytical and escalation reports are generated as part of ERP Portal.


No interconnection between different locations of educational institute.

Separate databases for all systems.

Repeated information about courses, institutes, fees etc.

Invalid or outdated data for fees in many locations.

Lead Management and call center management.  Keeping track of payment schedule and post dated cheques.

Assignment of leads for counselling.

nventory management during dispatch, Material inward and returns for educational kit

Preparation of I-Cards, welcome letters, Mark sheets and grade sheets,


We provided web based solution to manage the system.

Content editing to be done once and then it will be available throughout the system.

No duplication and redundancy

Reduced risk of incorrect / invalid / outdated data

Same set of support staff can handle sales calls from prospects as well as support calls from students seamlessly

Workflow optimization can be done easily since all team members are part of same system.

Collaborative tasks are handled in an elegant and efficient manner.