Open Link Library for education



The Brief

Platform for making learning easy for Students, Corporate employees and NGOs

    Understanding biggest open link library for education
  • They wished to make available curated content about a particular
    topic without the hassle of searching for relevant content on internet.
  • They believe that ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’.
    Hence their emphasis was on to upload maximum videos,
    photographs for the learning process.


Loading many videos at a high speed

Making it responsive i.e. workable on mobile, laptops and ipad seamlessly

Responsive with no compromise on quality of images

Easy search facility for content at all levels

Supporting closed groups with all the features


The website is quite user friendly

Loads videos efficiently without the hassle of waiting to load it

Zestorm has given search facility which covers sequential/hierarchical search and also supports free text search

Content is available in cataloged, curated and collaborative format

Facilitated ‘Digital Library’ feature

Facility to upload user’s own content

Availability of curated internet content to closed user group audience