Signage Solution


Retail Chains

The Brief

Company is the nation's first large format
specialist retail chain for consumer electronics and
durables with successful expansion into company Zip stores,
Company Kiosks and latest online vertical,


The end users of this portal are the employees of Corporate office of company.

Managing and controlling promotion price/ product offers
from corporate office for multiple stores.

Efficiency of operations with multiple offers for variety of products for different stores.

Branding is maintained.

Sending multiple labels/tickets to stores in single email with facility to print labels.

Assignment of leads for counselling.

Inventory management during dispatch, Material inward and returns for educational kit

Preparation of I-Cards, welcome letters, Mark sheets and grade sheets,


The idea is to enable the corporate office drive template creation and control the promotions labels/tickets branding and other requirements.

The store users receive email for the labels/tickets relevant for them and they can take print as desired.

Since business users were located in multiple locations, a web portal was ideal. Since the client wanted his shelf edge label designer to use the same tool which he was accustomed to use, we opted for MS Office based solution.