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 Action Centre

What is ActionCenter?

 All routine tasks grouped on logical basis.
 Each task broken down into activities that help in the task completion.
 Each Activity and task has ownership and execution responsibility defined.
 Dashboards for every team member to manage their own tasks and activities.
 Leadership Team has one comprehensive view giving pulse of the operations.

Key Features

 Library of ready to use checklists for statutory compliances.
 Allows you to create and manage ad-hoc or one time tasks.
 Multiple calendar views such as statutory or company events.
 Alerts over email and SMS.
 Reports include on-time performance and frequently delayed tasks.

Benefits to the organization

 Better compliance on routine basis.
 Less stress leading to higher productivity.
 Early warnings of potential issues.
 Corrective action to resolve frequently delayed tasks.
 Improved accuracy in the outputs.

 Cafeteria Pro

What is CafeteriaPro?

Mid-sized and large organizations run large cafeterias for the benefit of their most important resource, their employees. For organizations working round the clock, the cafeteria has to be operational 24hours X 7days x 365 days. In such organizations, the cafeteria forms an important focus area for their HR and admin departments. Since the cafeteria activity is typically outsourced to a catering company, a smooth system for recording and tracking is essential.

Zestorm CafeteriaPro aims at creating a transparent, recording and processing system for the employees, organization and the catering company.

The organization pays the catering company according to the consumption of food items by its employees and cafeteria users. Keeping track of the consumption becomes a headache for the organization as the conventional printed coupons and registers are not very handy for verification. The organization may also need to segregate the consumption to the departments, shifts, company-paid, according to business policies of the organization. The organization also needs to keep track of company visitors to the cafeteria. The organization may also need to be able to generate separate reports for sub-contractors working at their premises.

The catering contractor needs to assign staff to control and estimate the consumption of food items. He also needs to make sure that the pilferage is kept to the minimum and a correct count of consumption is kept. If he keeps conventional paper registers for employees to sign and collect the coupon, the post-processing becomes a time consuming activity which cannot be checked and verified easily. The documentation for supporting his invoice becomes very voluminous and bulky. Since the cafeteria is very heavily loaded at peak hours, long queues form for collecting the coupons which is not desirable.

Goals of the system

For the organization:

 Verify precisely and easily the invoice submitted by the catering contractor.
 Save on time and cost on recording cafeteria data as compared to conventional methods.
 Segregation of the consumption amount according to departments/cost centres.
 Track company visitors according to department.
 Identify amount to be paid by company and the employee according to business policies.
 Reduces the queue at peak times as the data entry takes around 5-10 seconds.
 Get exception reports automatically as per configuration. Reports will be pushed to configured users at the scheduled times.

For the catering contractor:

 Invoice the organization, sub-contractors and monthly account holders according to items consumed by them over the period of time desired.
 Plan his purchases according to the Daily item-wise consumption reports.
 Ensure no pilferage is happening due to any cafeteria staff making ambiguity and unreadable entries in conventional recording system like register and coupons.


What is CRM?

 Multi-channel support - web, mail, phone or visit.
 Integrated with Tally - customers, suppliers, UOM .
 Automatic entry for online enquiries.
 Enquiry to Quotation generation.
 multi-currency, exchange rates, spot rates management .

Key Features

 “Online Enquiry” from the Client’s website is directly added as enquiry in CRM
 Each enquiry is assigned to an individual and is tracked to closure
 Single enquiry and multiple quotations possible through CRM with different products and terms and conditions
 Provision to add more products to an ongoing enquiry
 Enquiries linked to procurement procedure - Quotations received from Suppliers linked to Enquiry for ready references
 Logistics details recorded for every Enquiry (including spot rates)

 Education ERP

What is Education ERP?

 Complete operations workflow automation starting from lead management, enrollment, student care, dispatch, and inventory for a distance education company.
 This is a scalable ERP portal which will be linked to other modules such as E-learning platform.
 This is a role based system where hierarchy of the organization will be captured in a flexible manner along with the anonymous visitors.
 Numerous summary, analytical and escalation reports are generated as part of ERP Portal.

Key Features

 Interlinked different locations of educational institute.
 Single databases for all systems.
 No repetition of information about courses, institutes, fees etc.
 Updated data for fees in many locations.
 Lead Management and call center management.
 Keeping track of payment schedule and post dated cheques.
 Assignment of leads for counselling.
 Inventory management during dispatch, Material inward and returns for educational kit
 Preparation of I-Cards, welcome letters, Mark sheets and grade sheets