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 Microsoft Practice

This division is focused on developing web and desktop applications based on Microsoft technologies especially .Net.

Zestorm is a Microsoft Partner with silver application development competency specialised in web applications. We proactively gain insights into emerging technologies through all resources provided under the partner program. Over the years, Our Microsoft practice has developed line of business and be-spoke or custom enterprise applications in following domains and technologies with .net & SQL server / Oracle as backend

 Customer relationship management.

 Document management system.

 Office automation.

 Multilingual applications and web-sites.

 E-commerce with payment gateway integration.

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 BPM Practices

Zestorm Technologies has partnered with a major IT services player in India for a small assignment involving

 Modeling, analyzing and optimizing business process through generating the reports on UML models based on business processes.
 Building service-oriented architectures by generating models based on the Business Process details.
 Publishing the business process which includes different models, and their attributes,via web.

Zestorm’s native java and javascript skills were used along with the guidance of the IT major’s BPM skills. Zestorm is now working with a few open source tools and working on developing some opportunities to develop this practice further.

Sales Enquiry : Email or call Kedar at +918237001031

 Website & CMS

Zestorm Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has always been a total solutions provider for web site development. We take care of the entire phases

Graphics design navigational structure content development and developing any associated web application and dynamic code Domain name registration and hosting.

For large content websites, we develop corporate web-sites using open-source tool ‘Dot Net Nuke’ i.e. DNN. This provides ability for our customers to update website’s contents on their own. Of course, this ability is provided on browser through a password protected administration console.

We have a very cost-effective and extremely fast design to deployment package. Please feel free to contact us on and we will send you our portfolio of websites developed using dotnetnuke as well as our standard proposal for this web site development service.

Items covered in standard development of corporate website proposal.

Design : Creating multiple graphics themes ( 2 such themes will be provided). in case customer is not satisfied with any of these two themes, we will provide additional themes. All themes will be inclusive of navigational elements like menus.

Administrative Panel: Default administrative panel will be available to manage content pages as above for the website. This is login and password controlled and will be available for you to edit the content.

Upto 7 pages of content : For e.g. pages can be

 About us (for e.g. background info about the co. and promoters).
 Offerings (service or product offerings).
 Contact Us.
 Profile or Portfolio of work.

Sales Enquiry : Email or call Kedar at +918237001031

 Staffing Solutions

Since inception, ZTPL provides IT consultants to augment our client’s existing IT teams on monthly or daily basis. We provide suitable skilled trained resource on contract as per the skill set defined by the client. ZTPL consultants are available with diverse technology experience and expertise spanning the IT lifecycle including Software Developers, team leads, Architect, Business Analysts and Quality Assurance.

ZTPL only puts experienced hands to argument client’s team and we try to deliver value by regularly training our people at our cost. We believe, our consultants have to keep up with the ever-changing and dynamic world of Information Technology, and we work with our people to deliver the value.

ZTPL Guarantee

ZTPL unconditionally assures the performance of all consultants we provide. If you are not completely satisfied with the performance of one of our Consultants in the first ten working days, we will attempt to replace the Consultant as quickly as possible without any billing for the time that particular consultant has worked.

Staffing Solution advantages for you as the client

 Get your staff argumentation needs resolved very quickly as compared to getting a resource hired from the market. We also provide the resource coming on board with a PC at an small additional cost so you can hit the ground running.

 Get a ‘risk-free’ arrangement where you can verify suitability of a resource in your team, as we don’t charge in case you don’t like a resource within one-two weeks of being placed at your end. We will try to a suitable replacement and more often than not we are able to offer a suitable replacement.

 Pay only for the time the resource is actually working. Leaves taken by the resource are paid for by us and not by you.

 You can take short-term decisions for not having some resource(s) based on project needs. Scale up and down as per requirement.

 Taxation and other HR issues for the resource are not your headache.

Sales Enquiry : Email or call Kedar at +918237001031

 Mobile Apps

We are working on windows 8 mobile apps & Android apps.

More details coming soon....

Sales Enquiry : Email or call Kedar at +918237001031